The sea is the most precious asset we have and we want to help protect and enhance it. The whole history of Marina d'Arechi is based on this conviction, since its conception.
There are many initiatives that Marina d'Arechi carries out for the “blue economy”. .

Marina d’Arechi regularly carries out separate collection of plastic and aluminium, paper and cardboard, organic waste and glass; it is also equipped with four collection areas available to yachtsmen.

A special storage area has been set up as required by law; this waste are taken and disposed of regularly without risk to man or the environment.

The premises for public use on the quay are all equipped with eco-sustainable furniture (taps with timers, for example). The Marina is also ‘green’ and eco-friendly in its design, thanks to the use of natural materials such as the mosaic style natural rock breakwater, and pier decking made of recycled wood.

The waters produced by shipyard activities are channelled into special treatment plants so that they do not flow into the sea as they are.

The Marina also offers boaters the opportunity to move within it thanks to the free bike-sharing service. Also important is the strategic position of the port, which allows a sustainable transport service thanks to its proximity to the public transport services (bus-metro).

Marina d'Arechi has obtained for the second consecutive year the Blue Flag, a prestigious international recognition of the marina achieving an eco-friendly, people safe environment, careful waste management and responsible exploitation of sensitive natural areas.

ISO 14001
A certified environmental management system that monitors the impact of Marina activities, with special focus on, and constant attention to, sustainability.

Marina d'Arechi promotes environmental education through frequent initiatives in collaboration with schools of all levels and other institutions. We trust that becoming the yachtsmen of tomorrow starts with knowledge and respect of the sea.
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